Feisty and passionate, with a temper to match her red hair. Secretly in love with Aster and best friend to Dara-Lily. Befriends Arietta.
Best friend to Holly. Loyal and wise, with heightened empathetic abilities.
Practical and thoughtful, with an active, very-inventive mind.
Insular and ambitious, a bit of a loner. Frenemy to Ethne.
17 years old. A talented young pianist and composer, who is still struggling with the fairly recent loss of her mother.
Elvin warrior commander. Honourable and brave. Holds a deep admiration and love for Ethne, although often exasperated by her wilful stubbornness. Best friend to Quin.
Elvin warrior-elite. Level-headed and strong. Misses nothing but doesn’t take life too seriously. Best friend to Aster.
dark elf. Son of Perun-(also a dark elf) and abandoning, siren mother. Sinister and self obsessed. Covets any magic not his own. Holds an intense passion for revenge against
an original member of the Elath. Beautiful and perceptive, she is also the faery of nature and sacred law.